Creating color in your lawn adds eye appeal to your property.  Landscapes are a great way to add color to your home or business.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to trees, shrubs and flowers.  Creating color in your landscape is an important part of an eye-catching design.  Trees such as magnolia or crab apple give your lawn spring color by showing off their beautiful flowers.  These colors will only last for a short period of time, so it is necessary to add additional plant material to your landscape to extend the eye appeal of your property. 

Starting your design with a flowering tree is a great way to give your landscape instant spring color.  If you select a variety of tree that has interesting foliage color, your tree may help complement other plantings in your lawn.  There are many varieties of crab apples that have purple leaves such as Indian Summer crab apple.  This tree will provide consistent color all summer long and act as a backdrop for your other plant selections.  Creating color is as easy as picking the right plants.

Creating color with flowering shrubs.

 Creating Color

Dwarf Korean Lilacs are great to plant in landscape beds because of their fragrant late summer blooming flowers.  These flowers will last several weeks and usually bloom after most crab apple trees.  Another good plant for the eastern Iowa landscape is spirea.  There are many varieties of spirea such as Gold Flame, Little Princess and Neon Flash.  Most spirea will bloom on and off all summer long.  There are significant flowering color differences and many foliage colors to choose from when selecting a spirea plant for your landscape. 

Sometimes complementing color schemes work for your application and sometimes contrasting color schemes work better.  When choosing what colors work best for you, consider not only the color of the flower, but also the summer foliage of the plant.  It is also important not to forget the fall foliage of your plant.  Shrubs such as burning bushes are pretty bland throughout the summer, but come fall they burst with exquisite deep red color.  This is why it is important to consider all stages and all seasons of your plant’s life cycle.

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