Grounds Maintenance

Welcome to our grounds maintenance page.  Our company offers a full line of grounds maintenance services for the business professional and home owner.  If you do not see a service listed below please give us a call.  We provide almost every grounds maintenance service available and it would be our pleasure to help you out with your next project.


Storm Debris

We offer debris removal services to get your lawn back into shape after a storm.  Our lawn specialists will remove tree limbs and storm debris found on your lawn after a severe weather event.  Debris removal is offered as an additional service to our customers.  Any minor storm debris will be removed for our weekly mowing customers at no additional charge.


Irrigation Photo

If you have an existing irrigation system, Clean Cut provides irrigation maintenance services to keep your system working properly.  Our technicians will start your system up in the spring, check all zones for proper functions and test all RPZ’s.  We can adjust your system throughout the growing system to fit weather conditions.  In the fall our technicians will shut down your system and blow all of the water out of your lines so that the water does not freeze over the winter months.


Lawn Before

Lawn Painting Before

Lawn After

Lawn Painting After

Side by Side Comparison

Lawn Painting Side by Side

Lawn painting is a great way to give your lawn a naturally brilliant green tone without all of the work.  Lawn painting is a service that we offer to the property owner that does not have an irrigation system.  All of our lawn painting products are environmentally friendly as well as pet friendly.  Lawn painting is a property owners alternative to drought conditions without the watering bills.  Lawn paint is an organic dye used on golf courses and professional athletic fields for years.  If you want your home or business to look like it does in the spring all year round, then lawn painting is for you.  We can also treat small damaged areas or dog urine spots with our products.  No matter what the size of your area is, we have the equipment to handle any size project.  We are one of the few companies in eastern Iowa providing lawn painting services.  Let us make your neighbors green with envy, give us a call today.


Mole Damage


Mole Face & Paw

Moles can cause extensive damage to your lawn by digging tunnels across your property.  We offer mole trapping services to stop the spread of their damage.  Call us today to have a trained lawn specialist evaluate your property for moles and come up with a plan of action to get your lawn back into shape.


Clean Cut offers parking lot sweeping services to keep your lot free of debris.  We offer one time clean ups as well as monthly service visits.  Our service technicians will hand clean small areas where our equipment cannot reach.  Spring is one of the most popular times to sweep your parking lot so that you can remove debris collected over the winter months.  Make your parking lot safe and functional again with our professional sweeping services.


If you are tired of fighting invasive insects in or around your property, there is a solution.  Clean Cut offers a complete perimeter pest control program to reduce the amount of insects invading your property.  From spiders to box elder bugs, we have you covered.  Quit living with unwanted pests and give us a call today.


Power edging is the formal removal of over grown grass on hard surface areas.  Power edging will give your sidewalks and drives a clean uniform edge.


Power washing is a great way to remove grease, grime and gum from your commercial property.  We offer full services to clean up your exterior property.  From parking lot areas to sidewalks, we have you covered.  Power washing can remove years of wear away in just a small amount of time.  Spruce up your property today with our power washing services.



If you are tired of overgrown foliage on your bushes, shrubs and trees, Clean Cut provides pruning services to get your plants back in shape.  Whether it be a touch-up to remove minor growth or a complete re-shaping of a plant, Clean Cut has you covered.  Our trained professionals implement proper pruning techniques when working with your plants.  Not only does pruning make your plants look uniform, but it increases the curb appeal of your property.


Spring clean-ups are a great way to spruce up your property and get your lawn prepared for the up coming year.  Our spring and fall clean-up service includes the removal of compacted leaves which can suffocate your turf and kill your lawn.

Cleaning Up Leaves

Our professionals clean out every area where leaves accumulate, from bushes to flower beds we clean it all.  Best part of all, we remove the leaves for your convenience.  We offer leaf vacuum services to remove large amounts of leaves.  Our leaf vacuum truck can remove tons of leaves at one time, making short work of large jobs.  Call Clean Cut to get your lawn back in shape after the fall season.

Leaf Vac Truck

We provide fast and friendly service with an emphasis on quality.


Some of the most common areas that collect trash are lawn areas and parking lot areas.  Clean Cut offers weekly trash removal services to keep your commercial property trash free.  Highly trafficked commercial properties accumulate significant amounts of unwanted trash every week.  Stop wasting time policing trash on your property and let Clean Cut keep your property looking its best.  Minor trash removal of turf areas is included at no additional charge to our weekly mowing customers.


Watering Truck

Clean Cut offers bulk watering services for your home or business.  We can use your existing water supply to water your plants or we offer watering services with our watering truck.  We can water any amount of plant material with our specialty watering truck.  Don’t let your plants die out this summer due to lack of water, call us today to schedule your plant watering.



Weeds can quickly take over your landscape beds and parking lot areas if left unattended.  Let our landscape professionals keep weeds in check on your property.  We offer weekly and monthly programs to help keep your landscape beds and parking lot areas looking their best.