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Clean Cut offers a wide variety of landscaping services for the home owner or business manager.  We provide landscape services from the planting of annual flowers to the construction of retaining walls.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with outstanding quality with an emphasis on detail.  All of our flowers, shrubs and trees are nursery grade and come with a one year contractor warranty. (Some conditions do apply)  All of our raw material is selected based on our high quality standards.

We carry several types of fresh processed mulch including cedar, bark and color enhanced.  Color enhanced products come in a variety of colors which include red, black, caramel brown, chocolate-brown and tan.  Our mulch products are freshly shredded to ensure color consistency and quality.

We also carry several types of rock that vary in color and size.  Most of our projects use small or large river rock products.  These products are mined locally and are natural to this area.  We also carry several bulk exotic rock products.  These products are subject to availability, so please call ahead for samples.  All of our bulk products are available for delivery.

Dumping River Rock

We take genuine interest in our customers satisfaction, this is why we communicate with the customer during and after a landscape project to ensure that the customer is getting everything out of a landscape project that they expect.

We offer photo imaging so that you can see your project before any work has taken place with our landscape design software.  We will take a before photo of your project and insert plant material into the photo to show what your project will look like after the installation.  This option gives our customers a first hand look of how the plant material will look against the back drop of the home or business.

Landscaping is an investment that adds to the value of your property.  It is important that a landscape project is done properly by experienced landscape professionals.  There is nothing worse than an incomplete job or a job done wrong. This not only costs the customer more money, but can create an unattractive landscape.

When you choose Clean Cut to landscape your property, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of a landscape project done right.


Clean Cut specializes in landscape renovation. We can take any landscape and completely revitalize it.  From replacing one shrub to an entire landscape overhaul, Clean Cut has you covered.

Overgrown Landscape

Over time your landscape can become overgrown and weed infested making the outside of your property an eye sore.

Our landscape specialists will advise you on proper plant selection to ensure that the plants you choose are best suited for your project.


Mulch Sprayed

Turn faded worn out mulch into fresh mulch with our mulch dying service.  We are able to color match almost any product with our mulch dye.  Our products are the same dyes that are used to color new mulch.  Mulch dying is the most cost-effective way to regain your mulches beauty without topdressing it.  Our products are environmentally friendly and will not harm your plants or animals.  Cut your yearly mulch expense in half by choosing mulch dying over topdressing.



Fresh Laid Sod

We provide new construction sodding services as well as sodding repair services.  Our landscape technicians can sod any project, small or large.  We only use premium sod products from Blue Grass Enterprises because we want the best results for our customers.  Other companies use sod products shipped in from out-of-town or even out of State.  We choose to buy our products locally and support other businesses in our community.  If you want a premium product at a reasonable price, then you will not be disappointed with Blue Grass sod.

Sod Installation Part 1

Sod Installation Part 2