Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is a great ground cover plant that is commonly used in shady areas.  Vinca Minor blooms in the late spring and continues to bloom all summer long.  The purplish-blue flowers contrast the glossy green foliage of this perennial plant.  This ground cover plant will get about 6″ tall when it is fully mature.  Since this is a ground cover plant, it will continue to spread indefinitely.  Do not plant this in an area that you do not want it to take over.  It is possible to cut the plant back and keep it tamed if done on a regular basis.

Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor ‘Bowles’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Light Purple

Folage Color- Green

Zone- 4-9

Height- 10″

Spread- Ground Cover

Light- Part Sun to Shade

Details- Creeping ground cover perennial.  Thick, glossy leaves for added interest.

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