Dwarf Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine is a dwarf conifer with dark green needles.  The needles of this evergreen are abou two inches in length.  Dwarf Mugo Pine is a slow growing evergreen plant.  Once established, this plant requires little or no supplimental watering.  If temperatures are high and there is a lack of moisture, minimal watering may be necessary.  This deer resistant plant like full sun exposure.

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Pinus Mugo Pumilio

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Dark Green

Zone- 2-7

Height- 3′

Spread- 3′

Light- Part shade to full sun.

Details- Dwarf Mugo Pine is a slow growing evergreen shrub.  This shurb requires minimal maintenance once established.

Pruning-  If pruning is necessary, it should be done in the spring.  This plant is best left looking natural with out heavy pruning.  Heavy pruning will detract from the over all look of the plant.  Pruning should be limited to removing dead or damaged areas and unsightly overgrown areas.

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