Mohican Viburnum

Mohican Viburnum is a deciduous shrub that produces bright white flowers.  One of the major focal points of this shrub is the bright orange to red berries that it produces.  These berries emerge in the summer and last for several weeks.  If you are looking for a shrub that attracts butterfly’s, then you should choose a Mohican Viburnum.  This shrub works well as a stand alone plant or it can be installed in a hedge row.  This compact, slow-growing shrub requires watering on a regular basis when high temperatures and drought conditions persist.

Mohican Viburnum Shrub in Bloom

Mohican Viburnum Flowers

Mohican Viburnum

Viburnum Lantana ‘Mohican’

Plant Details

Flower Color- White

Foliage Color- Dark green

Zone- 3-7

Height- 6′-8′

Spread- 6′-8′

Light- Part shade to full sun.

Details- Mohican Viburnum produces white flower clusters that attract butterfly’s.   This plant displays bright orange to red berries.

Pruning-  Pruning should be done when the plant is done flowering for the season.  If you prune too early or too late, you risk removing buds that will produce flowers.  Pruning at undesirable times will not kill the plant, but it will reduce the abundance of flowers that the plant produces.

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