Sulfur coated urea and stabilized nitrogen are two of the most popular fertilizer products used on turf grass today.  There are many fertilizer products in the market today that promise great results.  Not all products are equal and not all products deliver the same quality.  Most of the fertilizer products offered by the do it yourself shops, sell home owners some form of sulfur-coated urea in their lawn fertilizer blends.  It is also common to find that most lawn care companies who offer fertilizing services use products containing sulfur-coated urea.  There is a huge difference between stabilized nitrogen products and that of sulfur-coated products.  It is important that the consumer understand what they are applying to their lawn and how it works.  Your soil will process the product that you apply in different ways.  Knowing how each product works allows you to get the desired results for your lawn.

Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU)

When sulfur coated urea technology was first developed, sulfur was chosen as the dominant coating material because of its low-cost.  Sulfur coated urea are particals of urea that are coated with a layer of sulfur on the outside of the product.  The sulfur coating seals and helps maintain the structure of the product.  The idea behind a sulfur coating is that the seal will break down over time at different rates.  By having the sulfur break down over time, you in essence slowly release the inner particles of urea.

Stabilized Nitrogen

Stabilized nitrogen fertilizer products were developed to minimize nitrogen loss through volatilization, leaching and denitrification.  Stabilized products work by breaking down slower over time than that of sulfur coated urea.  Unlike sulfur coated urea products, stabilized nitrogen products are not coated with sulfur.  Stabilized nitrogen products control nitrogen loss through the use of inhibitors that hold nitrogen in the soil.  Stabilized nitrogen products break down much slower than SCU and can last in the soil for many more weeks.  One of the main benefits of stabilized nitrogen is the reduction in leaching and run off.

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