Synthetic grass is an alternative product that looks just like live grass.  Synthetic grass has been used in professional sports fields for years.  Now with our ever-changing environment, home owners and business owners are considering synthetic grass.  Synthetic grass costs more up front to install over traditional live turf grass.  You save money on the other end by reducing maintenance, eliminating watering and eliminating fertilizing.  There is nothing that replaces the smell and touch of real grass, but synthetic grass is the next best thing.  Synthetic grass products are designed to look and feel just like real turf grass.  Synthetic grass products are becoming more popular with home owners and business owners.  If you want a perfect looking lawn without all of the work, then consider a synthetic grass product.  If your lawn is made out of an artificial product, then you will never have a weed again.

Synthetic Grass

Benefits of synthetic grass.

  • Reduced yearly lawn maintenance costs.
  • No need for watering.
  • No need for fertilizing or weed control.
  • consistent year round color and grass-blade length.
  • Easier and quicker to install than live turf grass.
  • Works great for putting greens and recreational use.
  • Get the look of real grass in shaded areas as well as high traffic areas.

If you have an area on your property that won’t grow real grass, consider synthetic grass.  Shaded areas and high traffic areas that normally do not produce great growing conditions can be improved with synthetic grass.  If there are areas in your property that grass will not grow, consider using this alternative product.  Municipalities can reduce grounds maintenance costs, by installing a low maintenance product such as synthetic grass.  Businesses can install grass in unconventional areas to increase the eye appeal of their property.  The possibilities are endless when you use an artificial grass product.