Ginkgo trees are perfect to plant in large open areas.  These trees do not do well in small areas because when they mature they can get too big.  Ginkgo trees are great to install in parks and large yards.  This deciduous tree exhibits beautiful yellow foliage color in the fall.  This tree is native to China but does grow well in zones 3-8 in the United States.  This tree is very hardy and can tolerate most extreme conditions.  Female trees produce fruit that can cause quite a mess to clean up around October.  Keep this in mind when you are considering planting this tree in your yard.


Ginkgo Leaves


Ginkgo Biloba

Plant Details

Flower Color- None

Foliage Color- Green in the summer and yellow in the fall.

Zone- 3-8

Height- 80 feet tall

Spread- 60 feet wide

Light- Full sun

Details- This shade tree can become quite large when it is fully mature.  Female trees produce fruit that can be quite messy.  The fruit may also produce an obnoxious smell.  This tree does however produce beautiful yellow fall color.  The leaves of this tree are also uniquely shaped like a rounded triangle or fan.

Other Ginkgo tree options.

  • Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree
  • Jade Butterfly Maidenhair Tree
  • Variegated Ginkgo

Additional information on Ginkgo trees.