Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees offer beautiful fall foliage with orange and red colors.  The oval form of Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees makes them look well-kept and uniform.  The branching of this particular tree variety is sturdy and holds up better than other maple tree varieties such as silver maple.  This variety is maple is shade tolerant which means that it can grow in shady areas where other trees may partially block some sunlight.

Since the tree gets up to sixty feet tall and forty feet wide, it makes a great shade tree variety.  Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees also perform better in less than ideal growing areas such as areas by hard surfaces.  Though no trees prefer to grow in these areas, Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees will adapt to these conditions better than other varieties.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Green Mountain Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum ‘Green Mountain’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Green

Foliage Color- Green foliage in the summer and orange to red in the fall.

Zone- 4-8

Height- 40′-60′ feet tall

Spread- 35′-45′ feet wide

Light- Full to partial sun

Details-  The branching of Green Mountain Sugar Maple trees is strong.  The tree produces samara or helicopter seeds.  The seed pods have a double wing attached to them.  The helicopter seeds are easily dispersed in the lawn and other surrounding areas.  The foliage of this maple variety is tough and durable.

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