Round 3 Application

Our round 3 application consists of slow release stabilized nitrogen summer fertilizer.  Summer fertilizer products contain less nitrogen than other rounds.  Our round 3 application has the best formulation of fertilizer for summer growing conditions.  Since summers in the midwest consist of high humidity and temperatures over 90 degrees, we use products with limited burn potential.  Stabilized nitrogen reduces burn potential because it breaks down slower than sulfur coated urea.  Stabilized nitrogen is less volatile and produces better results.

Our round 3 application is granular.

Round 3

During our round 3 application we use granular fertilizer.  Granular fertilizer will not burn as easy as liquid fertilizer products.  Granular products should be watered in to become active.  If we are experiencing a dry spell and you do not water your lawn, do not worry.  Our granular, stabilized nitrogen products will remain in tact until moisture becomes present.

If temperatures and weather conditions allow, we also spot treat for broadleaf weeds.  We will spot treat broadleaf weeds in your lawn at no additional charge if you receive a five step program from us.  Blanket broadleaf treatments will be done in our round 4 application to reduce burn potential.

During the summer months, weeds such as yellow nutsedge may become present in your lawn.  We offer supplemental herbicide treatments for yellow nutsedge outside of our regular program.  Since yellow nutsedge is a sedge weed, it will not be controlled through the use of a broadleaf herbicide product.  Yellow nutsedge is an unsightly weed which can quickly spread throughout your lawn if left untreated.

Summer is also the optimal time to apply a grub preventer product to your lawn.  If you have had a grub out break in the past, consider treating your lawn with a preventer product at the same time as your round 3 application.  Grub control products must be watered in to become effective.  Stop grubs before they attack with a preventer.