Round 5 Application

Our round 5 application consists of a slow release stabilized nitrogen winterizer fertilizer.  Round 5 applications are the most important of the year.  This application provides important nutrients that will help your turf grass during the winter months.  The food that you give your lawn in the fall will help green up your lawn quicker in the spring.  Feeding your lawn in the fall also helps fight off spring diseases.  Our round 5 application has the best formulation of fertilizer for fall growing conditions.

Our round 5 application is granular.

Round 5

During our round 5 application we use granular fertilizer.  Granular fertilizer will not burn as easy as liquid fertilizer products.  Granular products should be watered in to become active.  If we are experiencing a dry spell and you do not water your lawn, do not worry.  Our granular, stabilized nitrogen products will remain in tact until moisture becomes present.

Fall aeration will help make your round 5 application more effective.  If you core aerate your lawn prior applying a round 5 application, you allow the fertilizer to reach the root system of your grass.  The pockets created by removing plugs of soil catch fertilizer applied in the fall.  If you are doing any fall seeding, our round 5 application will also benefit your lawn.  Fall fertilizer will provide nutrients that are important to the growth of new seed.  Establishing seed before winter is important so that the seed will make it through the winter.  Fall fertilizer will help encourage new growth and establishment of new seed.

We do not spot spray broadleaf weeds during our round 5 application.  By this point in time, the window for treating broadleaf weeds has passed.  Effective broadleaf weed control can resume in the next season.  Establishing thick and health turf will naturally help keep your lawn weed free.  Through a combination of nutrients and weed control provided by our program, your lawn can be a success.