Johnson Blue Geranium

Johnson Blue Geranium is a continuously blooming perennial flower native to North America.  This geranium blooms from late spring all the way to fall.  This perennial flower makes a great boarder plant or ground cover.  If you are using this plant as a ground cover, consider planting this perennial every two feet.  If you want this perennial to be a stand alone plant, you can install them farther apart.  Johnson Blue Geranium prefers mostly light conditions as well as moderate watering.  This is a great contrast plant to use in conjunction with other flowering plants.  The flowers of this perennial start with a white center.  There are reddish-purple veins that branch out from the center of the flower to the outer flower petal.  There are five lavender colored flower petals that make up each flower.  The stems that branch up from the base of the plant to the flower pedal are long and narrow.  They are pinkish in color.  The foliage of this plant is spiked and green in color.  Johnson Blue Geranium grows low to the ground and has a spread of about 3 feet when the plant is mature.  If you want to attract humming birds to your property, consider installing a few Johnson Blue Geranium in your landscape.  This flower works well in butterfly gardens.

Johnson Blue Geranium

Johnson Blue Geranium

Geranium X ‘Johnson’s Blue’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Violet blue flower with a white center.

Folage Color-  Green

Zone- 4-8

Height- 15″-18″

Spread- 2′- 3′

Light- Sun/Shade

Details- Silver to blue foliage with light purple flowers.

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