Fertilizing & Weed Control

One of the most important factors in a healthy lawn is proper fertilization. Over-fertilizing or under fertilizing can weaken the turf and allow for more weeds to grow.  Clean Cut professionals provide the appropriate amount of fertilizer at the proper time to maximize results.

State of Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship licenses our applicators who are properly trained in horticultural practices ensuring safe and effective applications. We practice (IPM) Integrated Pest Management to reduce the use of chemicals.

Understanding the need for individual attention allows Clean Cut to provide its customers with lawns that are thicker, greener and healthier than the competitor’s lawns.

We use stabilized nitrogen fertilizer products in our residential program for superior results.  We use SCU nitrogen fertilizer products in our commercial program.  Our products top the competition because they work and keep on working from one application to the next making your lawn thick and giving it a beautiful green color.

If your lawn looks like this, then you need to give us a call.

Dandelion Lawn

Our program will give you a weed free lawn.

Weed Free Lawn

Clean Cut offers three, four, and five application programs that are custom designed to provide maximum results for our customers.  Our broadleaf weed control applications are liquid for a more accurate control.  All of our residential fertilizing programs consist of granular stabilized nitrogen fertilizer for optimal results.  We use stabilized nitrogen in these programs to reduce runoff and leaching.  We believe that stabilized nitrogen offers a safer, more environmentally friendly way of fertilizing your lawn.  Using granular fertilizer allows us to custom tailor your program to fit the specific needs of your lawn.  We carry multiple fertilizer formulations so that we can customize each program to specifically fit your lawn.  Our competition on the other hand uses one basic liquid formula for every lawn.  This is why you see the same low quality results every time.

Our company will sell you a quality lawn application which will provide outstanding color, increased turf density and increased root development not just a fertilizing application.

Treated by Clean Cut and untreated side by side.  See the huge difference?

Fertilizing and weed control


Early Spring Application

Our early application consists of pre-emergent crabgrass, yellow fox tail and goose grass control plus granular fertilizer.

Late Spring Application

Our late spring application consists of liquid broadleaf weed control.

Summer Application

Our summer application consists of granular fertilizer and spot treatment of broadleaf weeds.

Early Fall Application

Our early fall application consists of liquid broadleaf weed control.

Late Fall Application

Our late fall application consists of a winterizer granular fertilizer and spot treatment of broadleaf weeds.


Our applicators can identify diseases, fungus and insects in the turf and properly advise you on how to rid the pest and help your turf recover.

Grub Photo

Clean Cut offers a grub preventive application to stop turf damaging insects before they become a problem.  Our products are applied early summer to minimize grub damage to your lawn.  Stopping grubs with a preventive application will eliminate the need for unnecessary lawn repairs due to grub damage.  We offer a full line of curative applications to control insect and fungus problems as they arise in your turf.


Soil Test

We offer soil sample tests as a way to provide our customers with an in-depth analysis of their soil structure.  Soil samples will determine the PH of your soil and also inform us of any nutrient deficiencies present.  Program adjustments will be made based on the results of the samples.  Sometimes it is necessary to amend the soil with a lime or gypsum application based on the PH level in your lawn.