Goldflame Spirea

Goldflame Spirea exhibits orange to bronze foliage color in the spring.  The foliage transitions from its spring colors to a light lime green color for the summer.  In the fall, the foliage transitions back to an orange to bronze foliage color.  The leaves of this plant have a serrated edge.  This spirea boasts dark pink flowers during the summer.  The flowers of this plant can attract butterfly’s to your property.  This deciduous shrub requires watering during periods of extreme heat and drought.  Goldflame Spirea can be planted as a stand alone plant or in a hedge.

Goldflame Spirea

Gold Flame Spirea

Spiraea X Bumalda ‘Goldflame’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Dark pink

Foliage Color- Orange to bronze foliage color in the spring turns to lime green foliage in the summer.  Foliage color again turns orange to bronze in the fall. 

Zone- 3-8

Height- 2′-3′

Spread- 3′-4′

Light-Part shade to full sun.

Details- Bronze colored foliage in the spring turns green in the summer and back to bronze in the fall.  Dark pink flowers decorate this plant during the summer.

Pruning-  Pruning Goldflame Spirea should be done in the summer when the plant is finished flowering.  This plant can tolerate heavy pruning if needed.  Since Goldflame Spirea naturally grows in a globe form, consider pruning the plant as a globe.

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