Little Princess Spirea

Little Princess Spirea is a deciduous flowering shrub.  This compact spirea only reaches three feet tall and wide when it is fully mature.  Since this is a compact variety, it works well in landscapes that do not have a lot of growing room.  Little Princess Spirea has light pink flower clusters that complement the lime green foliage.  This plant prefers moist, well-drained soil to thrive.  If you want to attact butterfly’s to your property, then consider installing a Little Princess Spirea in your landscape. 

Little Princess Spirea

Little Princess Spirea

Spiraea Japonica ‘Little Princess’

Plant Details

Flower Color- Pink

Foliage Color- Mint Green

Zone- 3-8

Height- 2′

Spread- 2′-3′

Light-Part shade to full sun.

Details- Little Princess Spirea is a compact a dense shrubs that makes a good ground cover plant.  This plant boasts light pink flower clusters all summer long.

Pruning-  Pruning should be done in early spring or after the plant is done blooming.  Shaping can be more dramatic than other deciduous shrubs. 

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